The Hidden Corporation - “A must-read for business leaders interested in data regulatory compliance and information protection for the enterprise.”

blueDavidSchlesingerCISSPThe inside story of unseen governance gaps that exist in a modern enterprise. Designed as an easily understood business-novel, The Hidden Corporation shines a bright light on the hidden processes deep within most companies where data governance and information security are absent. These hidden gaps are often the root cause for sensitive data loss. The book presents a governance framework, using non-technical language, for closing governance gaps using existing systems, personnel and information security technology. It should be mandatory reading for all department managers.

Good companies lose lots of personal information, and few are sure that their organization is immune from this disaster. This insightful book clearly explains to business and academic leaders why ungoverned business processes remain hidden from view. It also shows why existing information security resources are often not used for effective data loss prevention.

The Hidden Corporation follows cybersecurity specialist Nancy MacBaron fighting in the corporate trenches against criminal hackers intent on stealing her company's sensitive information. Nancy discovers serious hidden data security gaps in her corporation while investigating a data theft. Her discoveries show how to link hitherto unconnected internal data management systems so they work in harmony for maximal effectiveness.

The world's first data-security business novel, The Hidden Corporation is an accessible tool illuminating unseen data danger while explaining growing cybersecurity challenges.